Author Guide

The basics of being an author

Dragonfly is based on a royalty-free poetry on demand model. This means that when you place an item on Dragonfly, you’re granting the end viewer the right to view and read your item, but you retain ownership of the item. Placement of an item on Dragonfly allows you the author to expose your work to as many people that use the service. Once you upload an item, it can be viewed ten times, a hundred times, a thousand times! How you get paid is described below.

Everything you sell as an author on Dragonfly must be your own original content, and if you use any material that are owned by someone else, you must have a license that grants you permission to use and resell them.

Alpha release: Please note the below payment structure is not yet in place. Upon Beta release, we will enable the below services. By signing up as an author you agree that you are participating in our Alpha program with no payments as yet. But be happy! Once we get our necessary funds raised and/or get to the next stage, it’s our first task on our agenda. 🙂

How does it work?

Compose or paste your item/Poem, see them get approved, and build a portfolio of work across as many different keyword as possible.

Every item you see for viewing has been checked by Dragonfly staff and is applied our site  ‘like’ commission structure. We aim to catch issues that would reflect negatively on your sales and the broader Dragonfly standards, and may not be able to approve your items if they do not follow our guidelines or are otherwise unsuitable for viewing. The review process ensures that when a customer comes to the Dragonfly site, they’re getting an item that has already been vetted.

What is the ‘Like’ commission structure?

Every item that is part of the Dragonfly site is given our simple one time commission payment. Currently this between $0.005 and $0.02 per ‘like’. Every poem that is delivered to the end user, if the user decides that they like your poem, they will have the option to select the ‘Like + and Visit Sponsor’s site’. This option takes the user to the advertising sponsor’s web site as well as registers your official ‘like’ to your account. In addition to the above link, there is an alternative ‘Visit Sponsor’s site’ only link. Clicking on this link will not payout to the author.

Why have a separate ‘like’ and one without the ‘like’ link?

We feel that this gives our end viewers a complete experience.  It also allows our advertisers to receive more ‘well receiving incoming visitors’ and hence a better return on their investment. Basically, if your poem is well received, you are likely to get a like. If your poem is not well received, and does not get a like, it does not get compensated. A ‘like’ is not guaranteed. It’s similar to how typical online web advertising works, an ad must be clicked on to generate the advertising revenue flow.

Is the only form of ad a ‘click’ based ad?

Our click based ads are based on a keyword bid placement system. Another form of ad placement, depending on our advertisers needs, is a generic broad spectrum pure eye balls viewership placement. Both will have the two types of ad links. The former uses the advertisers ad budget based on the number of clicks. The latter is purchased outright for a period of time regardless of clicks. To the end viewer, the ad types are both indistinguishable from each other.

When your earnings balance reaches the payout minimum, you can withdraw it via PayPal (others coming soon).

Withdrawals occur once a month, with a payout minimum of $50.

The rules

We ask that as an author you always abide by the Author Terms and the following rules:

  1. The items you upload must be your own composition and creation. Do not submit works based on other people’s composition.
  2. You must have the rights to license the items you upload, either because they are your own original content, or because you have a license that grants you permission to resell any third-party content included with your item (if applicable).
  3. If you believe that anyone on the Dragonfly site has copied one of your items or is otherwise infringing upon intellectual property rights, please report it to us.
  4. Do not ‘like’ your own items or engage in other conduct with the intention of defrauding Dragonfly or other authors.
  5. Do not upload items that contain/constitutes hate material, discrimination, explicit profanity, depravity, violence and/or deemed illegal.
  6. Everything uploaded to Dragonfly should be appropriate for commercial sale.

So what now?

That’s it. If you have any more questions, please look at our knowledgebase (coming soon).

Otherwise, we hope you have lots of success as an author on Dragonfly!

By clicking this you agree to the Author Terms.